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CALN Recruitment 

English instructor / Japanese  instructor / Indonesian instructor

「Business English course」

CALN Online arranges effective language learning workshops and seminars for Japanese corporations (or foreign-based companies with Japanese employees) that have overseas business transactions requiring communication in English. Plans are made upon the needs so that the learning contents can be the most practical and useful on a daily basis. As well as the basic language training that exclusively developed for Japanese speakers to improve their proficiency of the “Standard” English as an international business language, our curriculum contains sessions with instructors from each area that they transact with to teach locality, other language characteristics (on English) and accents.

We are looking for a ESL instructor who can give classes online. Our clients are mostly Japanese corporations. CALN Online started in 2013 and has provided customized language workshops and training programs mainly to Japanese cooperations. Many of them had run their business domestically and are expanding to overseas markets.

Our goal is to give consulting service on global communication together with the language training itself. All the classes are online. We use our booking system, so you update and share your Google calendar and we connect it to the system so the clients will make their reservations upon your availability. We have our own teaching materials. You have to be tech-savvy as well as patient as a language teacher. Our team is pretty diverse in order for the clients to get a wide range of knowledge and get used to different types of English language around the world. Experiences are not essential, but applicants with experiences are preferred.

「Japanese course」





「Indonesian course」

We are looking for an Indonesian language instructor who can give classes online (Skype). We have a specific Japanese corporate client that has a factory in Jakarta who take our program because they would like to learn mainly English but, also would like to learn the Indonesian language to communicate with their factory workers. The course will be entry-level. The candidate must be proficient in English to conduct the class in English and at the same time have strong communication skills with ESL students as you teach another new language (Indonesian) and educate them about Indonesian cultures.

Speaking Japanese is not mandatory, but preferable.

"The lesson fee"

English and Japanese instructor

​¥1,800yen an hour

Indonesian instructor

​¥1,750yen an hour

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