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Welcome to our Japanese course!

We are starting an online course for individuals interested in the Japanese language and its culture, as well as for corporations. Our bilingual instructors will open the door for you to understand this high-context world, which isn't easy to grasp and master through observation alone. The instruction will be in English, and the course is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced learners.

We offer two options:

All classes will be conducted on MS Teams.  You may need to purchase a Microsoft Teams Essential account, which costs about $4 (¥599).

Recurring monthly payment via your credit card.

  • 4 classes a month - approximately $93   (¥14,520 including tax)

  • 8 classes a month (recommended for improvement) - $185   (¥29,040 including tax)

Our rates are quite reasonable, considering how useful and eye-opening the content is.

Scheduling is also very flexible.  You can reschedule the class yourself on our booking site at any time with 24 hours' notice!


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect! If you're interested, please share a little about yourself.

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