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After the collapse of Lehman Brothers, CALN Online started arranging English lessons at cafés, offices or even at students’ homes, as growing the needs of employees’ English proficiencies for many cooperations entering overseas markets.  Now that we are facing the new world crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the new needs rise;  e-learning, distance education/distance learning, online class, online education ...  

Schools around the world continue to be closed and teachers are exploring the best ways to teach online so they can keep students on track.


We would like to provide this course for all the teachers who would like to know and establish the most efficient methods to give class via internet great tools and ideas without suspending operations.

  • Private English school owners

  • Those who would like to start teaching from home

  • School teachers who want to learn online teaching 

If you are one of those above, please let us assist you for your success!

You can take 4 sessions at 20,000 JPY (5,000 JPY /session)

*Tax excluded

All you need is the internet connection!  Really!!  No complicated training is necessary to start out an e-learning school on any subjects.

You can dramatically save the initial costs for the startup if it’s online. 

We will support every step of setting up your new online school.

  • introducing all the tools necessary 

  • How to manage customers’ data and progress

  • Booking systems and how to promote

  • Payment methods

We have all kinds of answers you may have!

Since we specialize in online language training, you will be able to get the knowledge about effective ESL teaching methods as well as those consulting sessions if you would like.

Online schools can be the most handy effective educational business that can provide great benefits to both teachers and students.

While you’re only sitting in the house, you can get educated and grow with big excitement!  Why not give it a try?  Start now!

You can take 4 sessions at 20,000 JPY (5,000 JPY /session)

*Tax excluded

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